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2018/2019 Kindergarten Registration will be held April 16-20, 2018 in the Primary Office from 8:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.
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Parent Video Library

A video library has been started to assist you with various issues that concern your child. You are welcome to come by and check out a video. For your convenience, you can call my office (979-6004) to find out a good time during the day to come by and pick up a video, or you can come before school begins (8:15). You will need to return the video, instead of sending it with your child.

The following video titles are available for you to check out:

1. Good Discipline, Good Kids Time: 42 min.

Summary: This video gives parents the skills to practice a realistic and effective approach to their #1 concern- discipline. This video offers positive ways to set rules, limits, and expectations; problem-solve differences; engage children’s cooperation, and help them develop self-discipline and respect.

2. Help Your Child Make Good Decisions Time: 27 min.

Summary: Learning to make their own decisions can boost children’s self-esteem, but it’s not always easy for parents to stand back and let them do it. This video features advice from Debbie Nigro, a nationally syndicated radio and television personality, who leads parents through short scenarios designed to teach them how to balance their own need to stay in control with helping their children learn age-appropriate decision-making skills.

3. Help Your Child Succeed in School Time: 43 min.

Summary: Children’s school success is a persistent source of parental anxiety. Created in collaboration with teachers, this video provides parents with proven strategies for developing their child’s self-confidence, self-discipline, and self-esteem. This video offers tips for communicating with the school and creating positive attitudes.

4. Keeping Peace at Home Time: 37 min.

Summary: Parents often find themselves coping with a host of hassles: morning chaos, sibling bickering, bedtime haggling. This video illustrates concrete, practical techniques for easing tensions, handling conflicts constructively, managing anger, and creating peaceful homes.

5. Raising Responsible Children Time: 47 min.

Summary: Taking responsibility can be a positive step toward building a child’s sense of independence and self-worth. Using dramatic scenarios, plus commentary from noted Harvard psychologist Robert Brooks, Ph.D., this video provides parents with five easy steps for helping children accept responsibility for self-care, chores, and homework.

6. Your Child’s Friendships: The Good Times...The Bad Times Time:35 min.

Summary: This video gives parents techniques to help their kids develop friendship-building skills. This video demonstrates “ice-breakers” that show kids how to enter new social situations, and helps them develop the skills to manage conflicts, stand up for themselves, and rebound from the loss of a friend.

7. Skills for Single Parents Time: 36 min.

Summary: Provides single parents with skills and strategies for dealing with the unique challenges they face in raising their children. Realistic scenarios focus on issues of children’s feelings, co-parenting, time and money management, and parental dating.

8. You Can Be A Better Parent in 30 Minutes Time: 30 min.

Summary: This self-help video offers easy-to-learn practical approaches to ten critical issues facing every parent. Some of the topics covered include:
  • how to get children to follow directions
  • how to get children to behave in public
  • how to get children to do their chores
  • what to do if discipline causes more problems

9. Parenting Children with Learning Disabilities: LD, ADHD Time: 45 min.

Summary: Offers parents information to deal with the special challenges they face with a learning disabled child. Focuses on issues of self-esteem, school success, the impact on family life and friendships.